The One With Ups & Downs

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to Week 3 of Off The GRID 02/2018! Despite we met our teammates just three weeks ago we know each other quite well. And now everyone is working to get to know his proper self.

On Sunday we shared breakfast at church and prayed for the people outside our door. That means our friends, family and colleagues who don’t know Christ. Later on we enjoyed a delicious lunch with kiwi friends at their farm. We had the opportunity to help them with their cows, to bring the cow named Sausage to it’s destiny.



The next day Mom (Christy) drove us over to the north end of Abel Tasman National Park from where we started a three day tramp with Norm into the wild on the way to Marahau Beach. The terrain changed from uphill to downhill and back again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again… AND AGAIN! Nevertheless we were amazed by the beauty of nature around us. It was a good time to talk and share with each other. Some of us were crazy enough to sleep outside despite the low temperature. On the third day we had breakfast on Castle Rock while the sun was rising. The porridge never tasted better than on this very morning.







The next days Mom and Dad (Norm & Christy) kept us very busy. Here in New Zealand we learn to be close to nature. We had a work day serving with the Department of Conservation, where we planted small trees in a nature reserve.

1. lesson: Care for everything that grows. Especially Hilline took it very seriously murmuring to the trees: “Hello tree!” and “Goodbye tree! You’re free!” What is better to encourage them to grow deep and wide?




2. lesson: Be able to provide for yourself. There is more than just plants. Catch what you can and eat it but never forget some good spices. Oh, and by the way: Don’t eat anything raw or alive.


3. lesson: Watch out! If the farmer goes feeding his cows you should better be out of their way.



4. lesson: Admire the beauty of God’s creation. Just contemplation the sky and the ocean.





In our study time we learn more and more about the Old Testament and how God places the pieces of his perfect plan into place. Absolutely nothing in the Bible happened by chance. This week we fully centred on the work on ourselves to find our values for life as a Christian.



We have now arrived at the middle of the programme and look forward to the next days that promise to be full of surprises.

Sali zaeme
Gruess us Neuseeland! Es isch eifach herrlich do, sodass i gad gar nueme zrugg cho woett. xD D’Ziit vergoht wie im Flug und i gnuesse jede Tag mitem Team. De Worm und d’Crispy ueberraschet ues jedi Wuche mit grossartige Trampingtoure und Tagesaktivitaete. Im gliche Zug chani mi grossartig uf mini persoenlichi Ziit mit Gott konzentriere. S’Wichtigschte: Gott meints guet mit ues und mir sind mitenand dra, ihn meh und meh z’entdecke. Sind gsaegnet!

Salut tout le monde !
Je suis au bout du monde et je peux vous dire que ca vaut le detour !
Les paysages sont magnifiques, et meme si l’hivers pointe le bout de son nez et qu’il fait de plus en plus froid, j’en profite tous les jours !
J’espere que les quelques photos que je peux vous partager vous permettent d’avoir un petit apercu de ce que je peux voir.
Au-dela des paysages, le travail sur Dieu et sur nous-meme et notre potentiel est vraiment tres interessant. Norm et Christy font un travail formidable. Soyez benis !

Prayer requests:

  • Winter is coming. Pray that our noses stop running and colds are cleared up.
  • That the seed that God planted in us brings fruit so that we can be a blessing to the people we meet on our tramps.
  • For safety during the next two weeks when we are on the road.

See y’all!

Written by Sylvain (France) and Jonathan (Switzerland) on behalf of the entire 02/2018 Off the GRID team.

3 thoughts on “The One With Ups & Downs

  1. Hi,
    We’re glad to follow you.
    And we are sure that God continues working in your hearts.
    We are praying for you!
    ps: salut cousin 😉

  2. Great post, great week, great team . . . here’s to more of Great!!

    Whatever you say or do, do all in the name of Christ.

  3. Praying for God’s grace in your weakness, and for your hearts, eyes and ears to be open to all that God is teaching you as well as to the opportunities He gives you along the way.

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