On Our Way!

Hello Everyone,

Off The GRID 01/2018 finished today!  The team are all excited to begin this next season of life and it has been a joy to have them here in NZ.  Please join us in praying for them as they head off to different parts of the world to live out their part in God’s great story.

Below are summaries from each participant, and pictures of their last week on OTG.

Thank you for praying for the team!

God bless,

The Off The GRID Leadership Team



My journey at Off The Grid has been pretty indescribable. Only God can do what He does best in one’s heart and that’s what the 40 days in New Zealand has been for me. I am excitingly anticipating the overflow of the program in each one of our lives!



Wat een geweldige 40 dagen. ik heb zo veel geleerd! Mijn hart is gevult met de liefde en blijdschap van god. Ik voel een groot verlangen om naar de mensen te gaan over de hele wereld en mijn hoop te verkondige. Ik ben enthausiast om te gaan en alles wat ik heb geleerd in praktijk te brengen. Heel erg bedankt voor alle gebeden over de hele wereld.

What an amazing 40 days. I have learned so much! My heart is filled with God’s love and joy. I feel a great desire to go to the people of all nations and spread my hope and faith. It is exciting to go and put everything into practice that I have learned the last 40 days. Thank you so much for all the prayers around the world.



De afgelopen 40 dagen zijn voorbij gevlogen! Ik ben zo dankbaar voor mijn nieuwe familie en voor alle nieuwe ervaringen. Off The Grid was een geweldige combinatie van bijbelstudie, leiderschapstraining en veel buiten activiteiten. Ik wil iedereen bedanken voor deze geweldige tijd!

I cannot believe that the program is already finished! I am so thankful for my new family and for all the new experiences. Off The GRID is an amazing combination of Bible study, leadership training and a lot of outdoor activities. I want to thank everybody for this amazing time!



OTG has taught me that God wants to use us in big ways. A life as a Christian is a life of adventure in every way. I have grown in my faith and received clarity of purpose. I’m going to miss my time away from “busy life” and all these great people.



It’s hard to believe that Off the GRID is coming to a close. It has been such a wonderful experience coming here and getting to grow in my faith in God with these people I now call family. I’m so blessed for being able to come and have a great combo of outdoor adventures with great Bible study. Thanks again to all the people around the world that have been praying for us while we were here.



I would recommend Off the GRID to every young adult. It’s a good mix between Bible study, fellowship and activity. I’m thankful for the time here and for all the challenges I had to face. It all has inspired a deeper relationship with God for myself and teammates. I’m excited to see what God is going to do in each one of our lives around the world after this.

Annette & Casper


OTG has for us been a fantastic investment in our life with God. We have been challenged in different ways but have also grown a lot in faith both separately and together. We are so thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of the this amazing team and all the experiences we have shared these last 40 days. We feel incredibly blessed in our lives and filled up with Gods love, mercy and grace, ready for the next chapter in our lives.

The last week in pictures:


DSC_0746 (2)

DSC_0683 (2)









Fishers Of Men

Hello Everyone,

We can’t believe that it’s already the end of the 5th week and our time here is almost over.  We started our week by saying goodbye to our lovely friends the Capells, whom we had been staying with. The weather and road conditions changed our schedule so we headed out for a road trip to Golden Bay for a few days. We’re all getting more comfortable about putting our leadership skills into practice with each other and giving each other good feedback on how to improve those skills.

As we come toward the end of the program we appreciate the time we have left with each other. We feel like a little family so it’s hard to think that in a week’s time we will all be going our separate ways.  Even when we head home, we still want to support each other in spreading the Gospel to our own little corners of the world.




We got to spend a fun morning trying our hand out at catching fish followed by a beautiful  sunset walk along a wild beach. With each new place we travel we get to see more and more of God’s beautiful creation. Watching the sun set over the beach we could all feel God’s love and the desire to spread God’s word.



Some of our lessons this past week have been about how God used stories to help the people understand different teachings, the importance of prayer in our life and to pray with each other as we grow closer to God and each other.  It helps us remember to bring worries and fears we may have to God.


Worship is a big part of our group and we will just spontaneously burst into a worship song. From the beach to caves to mountain tops or just a drive around town in the van, we feel God’s presence with us when we sing.




God makes leaders out of all of us in different ways by giving us the skills we need to do His will. It’s been such a pleasure getting to come here to learn how to enhance and find our specific God given skill set. God blesses each of us with different spiritual fruits that we are called to use. May we each leave from here with a better knowledge of how to use our God given talents.

And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” And immediately they left their nets and followed him. – Mark 1:17-18

Prayer Requests:

  • Safety for the group during our last week.
  • That we put our leadership skills to use in our daily lives.
  • That we focus on this coming week & not worry about what’s after Off The GRID.

Written by Hanna (The Netherlands) & Holly (USA) for the whole Off The GRID Team.


Called To Make Disciples

Hello Everyone,

During this week we have talked about the kingdom of God and the mission of the church. God will reach every corner of this world, and He has chosen to accomplish this task by working through His church. He is always with us and by the power of the Holy Spirit, the church can fulfill its mission.

We started the week with packing our bags for a tramp & a roadtrip. The first three days we spent in the Richmond Range hiking. The hiking days were very long, but they went really fast because we talked a lot about our faith and what is most important to us as Christians.



Some people really enjoyed the nature: they were swimming in the rivers and they slept outside. Luckily we had a campfire in the evening so they could dry their clothes during a hot drink and a good conversation.




After the hike we stayed with a family who let us sleep in a hut on their property.  Dennis & Sharon treated us as their grandchildren and we will really miss the hospitality and time around the dinner table like a big family.  We served them during the week by cleaning the yard, splitting & stacking firewood and taking care of possums around their house!




During the Bible studies we learned that new Christians will be ‘buried’ under the water in baptism and brought up again as a symbol of the new life he or she has received. We shared our own stories and discussed our mission on earth: we are called to spread the good news of Christ through making disciples.


 We closed the week with a home-church service with another family.

“God has also given each of us different gifts to use. If we can prophesy, we should do it according to the amount of faith we have. If we can serve others, we should serve. If we can teach, we should teach. If we can encourage others, we should encourage them. If we can give, we should be generous. If we are leaders, we should do our best. If we are good to others, we should do it cheerfully.” Romans 12:6-8 

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the weather and that the roads will be open. (Snow is coming tonight)
  • Pray for the people we meet on the road the coming week.
  • Pray for save travels when we are on the road this week.


Voor alle Dutchies die de blog volgen: bedankt voor jullie gebeden en support! Het is zo fijn om te weten dat mijn vrienden en familie in Holland de mogelijkheid hebben om mij te volgen via deze blog, want 6 weken ‘Off The Grid’ is toch wel erg lang. 

Maar ik ben God dankbaar voor deze geweldige ervaring en voor Zijn mooie creatie/natuur. ik leer meer en meer over mijzelf, mijn teamgenoten en over mijn relatie met God. Ik bid voor nog meer wijsheid voor de tijd die nog voor ons ligt en ik ga nog even intens genieten van de zon, tot over 2 weken!


Hallo mini fruenda und familia in da schwiz. Schoen nehmender eu dia zit zum uesa blog zlesa. I denka vil an eu und hoffa eu gohts allna guat. Dia wucha ish wia jedi wucha a rechti herusforderig gsi. Aber i han mega doeffa lerna, dass ma genau dur dia herusforderiga im glauba kann wachsa und mier immer meh zunara familia werdend. As ish schoen zum gseh wia gott jeda einzeln mit sina talent kann brucha. Dia zit do goht unglaublich schnell verbi und i  bin mega gspannt was Gott no alles mit ues vorhet in da zwei letschta wucha. I danka allna womi im gebet unterstuetzend und freu mi schu, wenni eu alles verzella kann.

-Written by Majorie (Holland) & Sabrina (Switzerland) on behalf of the Off The GRID Team


Hello Everyone,

We cannot believe that we are half way through OTG!

This week in our studies we went through the last part of the Old Testament and started on the New Testament, which is perfect with Easter coming up.

We learnt about not letting our fears stop us from spreading our hope to others. We as Christians need to swim against the stream which takes power and strength.

We shared a lovely dinner with the family that owns the house we are staying in for our programme – and also serves as temporary OTG Basecamp. They moved out of their house for a couple of months to serve OTG, and we are so thankful they are letting us live here during our time in NZ!


We served a good family of the local church by helping them with their sheep and gardening, some of us even got to shear some sheep. It was great to serve others and see the joy that follows serving them. As Christians helping others it is a way of showing our faith and hope.



We have prayed a lot this week, thanking God for His beautiful nature, baby seals, beautiful sunrises and for people we have met along the way. We believe that prayer does not support the work, it IS the work. We have also prayed for countries around the world who need prayer.




As the weeks go past we are getting closer and closer, sharing more personal stories of our lives and getting to know each other even better. What we love about this group, our little family, is that we can talk openly about our faith and challenge each other to get out of our comfort zone. With Gods help we can defeat our fear and be able to share our hope with others and live fearless.




On Good Friday we went to an evening service in the local church where we heard about the great sacrifice Jesus made for us, dying on the cross. We are starting to really understand and feel in our hearts what an amazing sacifice this was and how blessed we are to have recieved this gift from God. Even though on the other hand, never will we be able to fully understand this.

Saturday evening we had the opportunity to see and hear a great walk through the Old Testament talk by a pastor from our local church, and see how the OT and NT tie together.  It was so interesting!



During this Easter week we have talked about what Jesus is for us: our Saviour and King, a teacher and the carrier of sin, Jesus is fully God and Fully man. We also talked about what what Jesus did for us: forgave sins, restored, freedom, peace and love. All of this is much more than we were able to put into words.



“I pray that Christ Jesus and the church will forever bring praise to God. His power at work in us can do far more than we dare ask or imagine. Amen.” – Ephesians 3. 20-21

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that we can leave our fears behind and trust in His guidance.
  • Pray for the people we meet in the days ahead.
  • Pray for safe travels as we hit the road this coming week.


Elke dag weer dank ik God dat ik hier mag zijn. Wat een geweldig mooi land is dit! De groep voelt steeds meer als een familie waar we ons zelf mogen zijn. De natuur is zo divers, een geweldig stuk land van God’s schepsel. Dit weekend staat in het teken van Pasen. Het offer dat Jesus gaf voor ons is zo groot. Het is groter dan wij als mensen ooit zullen begrijpen. Ik wil iedereen in Nederland bedanken voor al jullie gebeden. Het geeft veel kracht wetende dat mensen aan de andere kant van de wereld voor ons bidden. We kijken uit naar de komende week en de mensen die we zullen ontmoeten.


Hej til alle de danske laesere. Vi har det stadig helt fantastisk. Vi oplever saa meget nyt og spaendende hele tiden. Denne uge har vi vaeret paa en tredags kajak tur, set saeler, fugle og muligvis en delfin. Vi har tilbragt tid med andre mennesker og brugt meget tid paa boen for andre mennesker og lande. Alt der sker her nede er vildere og bedre end vi nogensinde kunne forestille os, Gud er god! 

-Written by Hanna (Holland) & Annette (Denmark) on behalf of the Off The GRID team

The Mountains Are Calling!!!

Hello Everyone,

Another week has come and gone and boy did it bring some great adventures and some good times together! We faced our first big challange both physically and mentally. Luckily we all made it up to the mountain top together and were treated with some spectacular views of God’s creation.




As good as the view was it was more fun to get to swim and nearly freeze to death in the mountain lake. We were all grateful that there were no sandflies. Interesting for us all was Henry’s (our base camp mouse) country cousin came and  paid us a visit during the night at the hut. Nothing like falling asleep to the sound of scampering mouse feet during the night.


Second day out and we already felt like mountain goats leaping from rock to rock and we could enjoy the hike even more. It reminds us of the steps God is taking us on here in New Zealand, growing in our understanding of who He is.




After some relaxing days and feasting on a great Dutch dinner we’re all fully recovered and gained some weight 🙂 To finish out our week and for a change of scenery, we went from the mountains to the beach! What fun new experiences we had there.



One thing that we are learning about New Zealand is that there are more sheep than there are people, or so it seems! We got to enjoy a demonstration in sheep herding during our visit to friends at a local farm.


God is with us when we face our “mountains” in our life, whether physical or mental ones we put on ourselves. God’s love for us is so strong that he sent His son, Jesus, to die for our sins and become the ultimate sacrificial Lamb for our sins. It’s nice to see God’s beauty in the still of the morning, in the setting sun over the mountains or in the silent misty clouds that cover the surrounding valleys. God’s beauty and love for us is everywhere.


Thank you all who are praying and supporting us while we are here. It means so much to all of us to know that people care.

Scho isch wider e Wuche verbi wo mer hend dafe zeme underwegs si und es isch genial. Euse ersti grossi Heik mit ere wunderschoene Ussicht hend mer erfolgrich gmeistered. Es isch es bizeli wie i de Schwiz und doch ganz anderst. =) Zum Bispil chamer da im Meer saegle. Mer hend super Zite wo mer diskutiered und  tuef i Gottes Wort goend go grabe. Ich bin mega dankbar fuer die Zit da und alles woni scho han dafe lerne. Ich bin gspanne was Gott fuer eus alli na parat het und freu mich uf witeri Abendtuer. Ich danke allene vo herze dihei wo flissig am bete sind. Es ganz liebs Gruessli a alli i de Schwiz. 

Prayer Points:

  • For us to continue to grow in our relationship with Christ .
  • For the health and wellbeing of the team.
  • For our encounters with others we meet this week.

Written by Linda (Switzerland) & Holly (USA) on behalf of the Off The GRID team


Hello Everyone,

Its hard to believe the first week has already come to a close! We’ve been here for such a short time, yet we already feel like close family. The first night during team introductions, Holly from Southern Georgia (USA) already had everyone up on their feet teaching us country line dancing. The second day we geared up our packs and started tramping our first hike – 3 days in New Zealand’s beautiful backcountry. Beautiful is an understatement, God really showed off when He created this place!





Being “Off The GRID” isn’t just literally being here, but we are learning that being “Off The GRID” as a Christian is a mentality. Through our morning devotions, study material, quiet times and prayer, we are learning to be less self-conscious and more God-conscious. Being here has enabled us to find God in the little things- not having our phones or media connection is helping a lot.




Casper is managing being the only boy, well… for the most part. Hanna is notorious for speed walking, while Sabrina can’t seem to find enough time to take a picture during our hikes. Majorie is missing her husband, Ben, however the sandflies are keeping her great company! The first three days Linda had difficulty accepting Henry (the mouse in our kitchen at base camp) must be trapped (and his brother Harry is gone now too). Annette is embracing the “bugs and berry” diet out in the bush and Megan finally found her rain pants after trying to decorate the forest with them- thank God!


We are all soaking up every bit of this adventure. From the divine encounters with other trampers, filling our water bottles in natural streams, sharing testimonies and experiencing God’s creation (especially the starry night skies), everything is digging our faith a little deeper with Christ and wider in relationship with each other. Just like the roots of a tree 🙂


“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out it’s roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; it’s leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.” – Jeremiah 17:7-8


Dette er en lille hilsen til alle dem hjemme i Danmark. Den foerste uge har vaeret helt fantastisk. Vi har haft en tredages vandretur ved Nelson Lakes, samt endags udflugter til forskellige destinationer. Det er en sand fornoejelse ikke at skulle koncentrere sig om sin mobiltelefon eller noget der minder om, saa man rigtig har muligheden for at koncentrere sig om det der er vigtigt. New Zealand er imponerende smuk og utrolig nem at fortabe sig i.

-Written by Megan (USA) & Casper (Denmark) on behalf of the Off The GRID team

Welcome Off The GRID 01/2018!

Hello Everyone,

Please join us in welcoming Off The GRID 01/2018 that began today!


From L to R:

Holly (USA), Sabrina (Switzerland), Linda (Switzerland), Casper (Denmark),

Annette (Denmark), Majorie (Netherlands), Megan (USA), Hanna (Netherlands)

Thank you for praying for the team as they begin their next 40 days together in New Zealand!  We are all looking forward to seeing God at work in the coming days. More updates to come soon!

God Bless,

Off The GRID Leadership Team